About WildBar

It all started when…

In 2009, after years of struggling with a weak core caused by an injury I sustained in the military, I took the advice of a few friends and started training CrossFit. I started getting stronger and leaner, but I knew there was still further for me to go. The training wasn’t enough. As most of us realize at some point, much of fitness is about the kind of fuel you put into your body and soon after starting CrossFit, I was introduced to the Paleo Diet. I learned (the hard way) to wean out grain, gluten, soy, dairy and refined sugars – the things we all love, of course - but I was battling against the high level of inflammation I had in different areas of my body and had heard that this diet was a way to reverse that. I was skeptical at first, but I tried it and one day, realized that I had more energy in and out of the gym. I felt great! I was breaking old PR’s, feeling more motivated in work, and dare I say happier. 

But as most who have tried the Paleo diet find very quickly, is that it takes a lot of work. I was struggling with keeping up with the diet because I was spending so much time preparing meals. I noticed that a majority of my peers with active, busy lifestyles, including myself, we’re still relying on  ‘grab n’ go’ energy bar options in times of need, but I couldn’t accept that they were filled with ingredients that are hard to pronounce. I spent countless hours at the local health food stores looking for a convenient bar to compliment my diet, but shockingly, I couldn’t find one. Certainly there was a better, healthier, more convenient way to get the nutrition my body needed.

That’s when we conceived the Wild Bar, a whole-food protein bar where every ingredient is visible, rather than the typical mysterious sludge of ingredients in most protein bars. From the beginning of this search for a solution to this problem, I gave myself two very simple sounding parameters: that unlike other whole-food bars, our bars would have less than 10 ingredients and over 10g of protein. It sounded simple enough, but in reality, was harder than it sounds. After a year of R&D and thousands of bites, we have finally created a protein bar that follows through on those strict parameters and delivers true, Paleo nutrition in a variety of creative, chef-created flavors that have already proven to be irresistible to athletes, busy workers, and dieters alike. We hope you'll love them as much as we loved making it!

Jason Cook, Founder, WildBar